Displaying items by tag: Vancouver - New Canadian Media - New Canadian Media http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca Sun, 25 Feb 2018 10:18:42 -0500 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Sikh Temples Bar Indian Officials http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/43069-sikh-temples-bar-indian-officials http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/43069-sikh-temples-bar-indian-officials The Nanaksar Gurdwara Gursikh Temple in Edmonton, is the largest Sikh temple in Alberta with a radius of approximately 30,000 sq. ft.
By: The South Asian Post Desk About 16 Sikh temples in BC and Alberta have joined Sikh religious organisations in…
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Jagmeet Singh fails to Typecast Easily, Despite CBC's Best Efforts http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/42561-jagmeet-singh-fails-to-typecast-easily-despite-cbc-s-best-efforts http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/42561-jagmeet-singh-fails-to-typecast-easily-despite-cbc-s-best-efforts Jagmeet Singh's ethnic background can lead some interviews to stray from topics directly related to his political agenda
By: Jagdeesh Mann in Vancouver, BC Nearly 70 years since South Asians won the right to vote in Canada, Jagmeet…
Commentary Thu, 19 Oct 2017 14:24:17 -0400
Jagmeet Singh Battles Racism in Canadian Politics with Love http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/42411-jagmeet-singh-battles-racism-in-canadian-politics-with-love http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/42411-jagmeet-singh-battles-racism-in-canadian-politics-with-love Ontario deputy NDP leader Jagmeet Singh launches his bid for the federal NDP leadership in Brampton, Ont., on May 15. Earlier this month, a racist heckler interrupted a campaign rally for NDP leadership hopeful.
By: Davina Bhandar in Vancouver Within the space of a few moments, Jagmeet Singh became one of Canada’s most admired…
Politics Fri, 29 Sep 2017 13:13:18 -0400
Taxes are the Canadian Family's Largest Expense http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/42201-taxes-are-the-canadian-family-s-largest-expense http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/42201-taxes-are-the-canadian-family-s-largest-expense Studies find that the average Canadian family spends just over 40% of their annual income on federal, provincial and municipal taxes.
By: Charles Lammam and Milagros Palacios in Vancouver With home prices rising across the country, many of us would likely…
Economy Fri, 01 Sep 2017 08:28:03 -0400
Black Prince Rescues Duleep Singh, but Does Not Set Him Free http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/41988-black-prince-rescues-duleep-singh-but-does-not-set-him-free http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/41988-black-prince-rescues-duleep-singh-but-does-not-set-him-free 'The Black Prince' follows the journey of India's last monarch as he sent to spend his life in exile among his English persecutors
By: Jagdeesh Mann in Vancouver To be the “last king” of anything means you left this world either a legend…
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Carnaval Del Sol Vancouver 2017 http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/41848-carnaval-del-sol-vancouver-2017 http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/41848-carnaval-del-sol-vancouver-2017 Carnaval Del Sol continues to grow its audience as the festival returns for a ninth consecutive year
By: Sam Minassie As an integral part of Latin American Week, Carnaval Del Sol has returned for another year with…
Arts & Culture Fri, 07 Jul 2017 23:27:26 -0400
Technology Helping Newcomers to Metro Vancouver http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40969-technology-helping-newcomers-to-metro-vancouver http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40969-technology-helping-newcomers-to-metro-vancouver #Peacehack hackathon, hosted by PeaceGeeks, in November 2016 to strengthen immigrant and refugee settlement in BC.
by Daniel Morton in Vancouver One year after Canada first resettled 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canadian communities — a number…
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An Open Letter to Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40801-an-open-letter-to-immigration-minister-ahmed-hussen http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40801-an-open-letter-to-immigration-minister-ahmed-hussen Len Van Heest (pictured) was deported on March 6, 2017 to the Netherlands.
Commentary by Ujjal Dosanjh in Vancouver Dear Minister Ahmed Hussen, Many of us cheered when you were recently made the…
Politics Thu, 09 Mar 2017 08:50:11 -0500
Listening to our International Students http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40286-listening-to-our-international-students http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/40286-listening-to-our-international-students Listening to our International Students
Commentary by Will Tao in Vancouver Canada’s international students, particularly those in major metropolitan cities such as Toronto and Vancouver,…
Education Wed, 01 Feb 2017 13:00:41 -0500
The ‘One China’ Policy is a Diplomatic Lie http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/39527-the-one-china-policy-is-a-diplomatic-lie http://trd-gw7.newcanadianmedia.ca/item/39527-the-one-china-policy-is-a-diplomatic-lie In Taiwan, around 90 per cent of the island’s people want to keep their independence. If pushed, they will say there is indeed only one China — but Taiwan is not part of it, writes Jonathan Manthorpe.
Commentary by Jonathan Manthorpe in Vancouver How does Donald Trump’s mind work? The Beijing government hasn’t a clue; neither does…
Commentary Tue, 06 Dec 2016 12:53:17 -0500